> Click here to begin shopping < The SwimPod Family is the sole producer and worldwide distributor of the very first 100% waterproofed audio products. Our products use the renowned Swimman™ waterproofing technology to ensure that you can enjoy your tunes no matter what the environment. Whether you're swimming laps, enjoying water sports, or just breaking a sweat, SwimPod has your music needs covered. Under new management, and with big plans for the future, the SwimPod Team is dedicated to continue bringing you the world's best waterproof technology through the licensed original Swimman™ technology originally introduced in 1999 and enjoyed worldwide since then. The true pioneer of personal waterproof audio players and headphones, Swimman™ introduced the world's first waterproof audio cassette player and waterproof headset in 1999, as a unique, patented invention of Dr. Martin (Marty) Silverman, Neurobiologist (1951-2010). In 2003, with another world's first, Swimman™ introduced a waterproof digital audio (MP3) player under its own name. In 2006, Swimman™ was the first to begin internally waterproofing the Apple, Inc. 2nd Generation iPod Shuffle, followed by the 3rd Generation iPod Shuffle in late 2009. Best known to a core of dedicated water sports enthusiasts and master-level swimmers, Swimman™ had already been making water-friendly and water-safe music possible for over ten years. Early 2011, SwimPodUSA and SwimmanAU (*see disclaimer below) began waterproofing the new Apple 4th Generation iPod Shuffle using the Swimman™ trusted formulization, patents and production techniques. Applying their proprietary Swimman™ internal waterproofing technology, SwimPodUSA has continued to make the 4th Generation iPod Shuffle 100% waterproof without a bulky, heavy, obstructive and/or unattractive case that would detract from the shuffle's sleek anodized aluminum body. By mid-2014, SwimPodUSA merged with SwimPod Australia (*see disclaimer below) after seeking a company that shared the same SwimPodUSA standard of high-quality and top-rate customer service that emerged from the world-renowned Swimman™ technology and trademark. We believe this merger will enable Swimman™ waterproof products to continue to reign the waterproofing market worldwide through the SwimPod Family. The SwimPod Family continues to offer its standard limited one-year warranty on its waterproof iPod Shuffle and patented Swimman ™ Waterproof Headset (excluding earbuds which have a 90-day warranty). All of our products also continue to carry our 30-day return policy, which allows a customer to return their product(s) to us in resalable condition during the first 30 days of use if they decide it is not what they want. For our complete Warranty & Care details, please click the Warranty & Care tab on the SwimPod Australia website (link below). When looking for the world's first and best waterproof audio products, you can always rely on SwimPod USA and SwimPod Australia. > Click here to begin shopping <
*SwimPod Family Brand Disclaimer: The SwimPod Family Brand, including SwimPodUSA, SwimPod Australia and Swimman™ are NOT affiliated with Swimman Australia. Our brands use and own the Swimman™ patented technology exclusively, and no other person or companies, including Swimman Australia, have permission to do so. Swimman Australia is no longer a part of the SwimPod umbrella of brands, and, therefore, is completely separate to our business including customer relations, products and warranties. The SwimPod Family prides itself on exceptional waterproof products and personal customer service. We hope to continue to grow and build upon our already stellar reputation as industry leaders for over a decade.